Benefits Of A Healthy Raw Food Diet 2021

Benefits Of A Healthy Raw Food Diet – What are the benefits of a raw food diet? Perhaps you have heard that “going raw” is greatly beneficial for health. Many famous people such as Mel Gibson, Woody Harrelson and Laura Dern have long been vocal proponents of the diet.

What Exactly Is Raw Food?

By knowing exactly how the diet works and its philosophy, we can better understand the benefits and put them in a clearer context. Raw foodists believe that cooking and processing food destroys the essential nutrients stored within. By eating such food, we become lethargic and malnutrition. We also become susceptible to a great number of diseases and illnesses.

Conversely, eating a raw food diet (without cooking and processing and ideally organic in origin) leads to a great number of benefits:

Better Nutrition

Raw foodists believe that cooking and processing food destroys the nutrients stored within. By eating food that has never been through a heat cycle, you are able to extract the maximum benefits – something that all animals on this earth already do anyway.

Better Bacteria

Raw foodists believe that cooking and processing our food also prevents us from enjoying the advantages of beneficial gut flora and a better immune response.

Clearer Skin

Raw foodists speak of reduced or eliminated bouts of acne. Other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are also alleviated in a similar manner.

Better Eyesight

Many raw foodists refer to improved vision. This could be due to the cessation of a previously poor nutritional intake.

Better Insulin Response

Some diabetes patients have reported that after 30 days of eating raw foods only they no longer need to inject insulin on a daily basis.

Anti-Aging Properties

Raw foodists have a lower incidence of heart disease compared to the general population. Cooked foods (especially meat products) usually contain high levels of saturated and trans fats that the raw food diet simply does not. In general, better cholesterol levels are also observed in raw foodists.

Weight Loss

Almost all overweight people report significant weight loss when going on the raw food diet. All that is happening is that they are finally restoring themselves to their natural, healthy weight.

More Energy

Whilst “more energy” sounds almost clichéd these days, raw foodists do report exactly that. For something as subjective as this experience, it is impossible to hypothesis exactly why this is.

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