Burning Stomach Fat – Easy Way

Burning Stomach Fat – Stomach fat is considered by many people to be unsightly. Therefore it comes as no surprise that many people are looking to discover burning stomach fat specifically. Can targeted fat loss in this particular area actually be achieved?

The Myth of Spot Reduction

There is an entire multi-billion dollar industry that revolves around burning stomach fat and its reduction. A case in point is the wealth of different devices available to strap onto your stomach, some of which even deliver electrical shocks to your muscles!

Let’s get clear about this first and foremost: there is no way to spot reduce fat save for liposuction. It certainly cannot be achieved via diet or exercise either. Fat gets put on all over your body. Some places will get lumps and bumps quicker or slower than the rest but, in general, fat gain is experienced everywhere. Fat loss works exactly the same except in reverse. If you go on a diet then you might be extremely lucky to lose nearly all of your fat first from the midriff but this is unlikely.

Best Exercises To Burn All Fat

The best exercises to lose fat are cardiovascular type exercises i.e. where your heart rate is raised for at least 30 minutes.

Even better are those like the above that are at a variable speed. Team sports are a great example – for instance, basketball demands lots of quick acceleration and breaking, turning, going to and fro. Your body does not even have a moment to try and go into “fat preservation mode” and burn your fat more economically. Instead, your body becomes the equivalent of a car in downtown LA traffic, burning up a ton of fuel.


Don’t forget that dieting is a powerful way of losing all fat, including burning stomach fat. If you eat 500 calories less than you should then you will lose one pound per week. If you eat 1,000 calories less than you should then you can lose up to two pounds per week. Combine both exercise and dieting and you could easily lose around four pounds per week. Anything more than that is extremely unhealthy and advised against. It is also likely to be unsustainable in the long term.

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