Green Smoothie Diet, Effortlessly Stop Cravings For Junk

Green Smoothie Diet – wish to start by saying that the information in this article is simply my opinion based on data I have read from expert authors and from the 10+ years living and eating the way I have on a daily basis. Also, with my blood work results every 6 months that reveals no deficiencies, I feel that this information is very valuable and of course valid. Possible it works just for me, my genetic makeup and my body type, I can’t say for sure. However, just like smoking definitely will affect each one of us with various degrees of health negatives, eating green smoothies, I believe, will have an affect on each of us with varying degrees of health positives. Try it and see, after speaking with your natural health practitioner.

The body is equipped to heal itself correct? Then why is it that so many people are sick? No! The predicament is that people do not supply it with the proper amount of tools, usually by way of diet, it requires to heal itself and b) we bombard our body with junk that hinders the performance of the limited number of essential resources that we do provide it.

I’m a big admirer of raw foods. The suggestion that adding heat to foods beyond a specific temperature destroying much needed enzymes that are significant to digestion makes plenty of sense to me. Beyond that, it is implied that to get the most from our foods we should be chewing it it until it’s completely liquefied. We have troubles digesting big chunks of food. Also, I strongly believe that people can thrive with a a diet of largely fruits and greens, with of course some healthy fats. In regards to healthy fats, avocados, soaked nuts and seeds is all I usually have.

The main foods I have every single day are composed of sufficient amounts of raw fruits and greens in the form of green smoothies. Smoothies, being essentially liquefied, my body does a great job of assimilating the nutrients.

A huge hurdle for a lot of people when changing the way they eat, and a big one for myself is handling unhealthy cravings. The cells in our body are made up of stuff from foods that we have ingested in the past. The body usually craves more of the same unhealthy foods that contribute to the makings of each one of the sick cells in our bodies. For drug detoxes, often, sauna therapy is used to removes the drugs through perspiration. That generally helps eliminate the physical cravings allowing the person a better chance of remaining sober. For us, improving our eating may very well trigger the elimination of toxic foods as well which can be quickly removed in stool, through sweat and maybe urine as well. However, we still might having cravings for those foods while some of the toxins in our cells are still there.

I have found that instantly after having the first swallow of my smoothie the cravings for grease, meat, salt, etc began to drop off. After I was finished drinking the smoothie, the cravings were gone completely and I would be content. The concern then was that the unhealthy cravings would come back as I grew hungry. So I started to make sure I was on top of it and would have another smoothie ready before the cravings would come back, or shortly after they began. The cravings in due course subsided for good as I cleaned out my system. Suddenly I began to crave greens instead!

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