Homemade Chocolate Recipes for Weight Loss

Homemade Chocolate Recipes for Weight Loss – Cutting favorite dishes out of diet for weight loss never works. Sooner or later you go back to your favorites and indulge. Chocolate is no exception – however it is not junk food. While many ready-made varieties can be categorized as junk food due to the excessive amounts of sugar in them, homemade chocolate recipes can help make our favorite desert as healthy and weight loss friendly as possible.

Cocoa, the main ingredient of a quality chocolate bar, contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Cocoa also contains L-Tryptophan. It can help increase your mood and hence decrease the cravings for junk food. Chocolate, consumed in moderation, is actually a weight loss ally and not an enemy. Vitamins B1, B2 and magnesium are among the vitamins and minerals found in cocoa.

A recent research in the United States found out that chocolate contains more anti-oxidants than the well-known green tea and red wine! To benefit from everything cocoa has to offer you need to choose the darker chocolate variety, one that contains more cocoa. The cocoa content should actually be over 65%.

But even if you choose the right variety, it still will be loaded with sugar and contain at least one unwanted additive. Also if you can control what can of chocolate bar you buy, it is harder to choose the healthier and weight loss friendly variety among other chocolate products such as chocolate cakes, ice-creams and multiple of other delicious chocolate dishes.

This is where the homemade chocolate recipes come handy

First of all you can control the main ingredient – chocolate or cocoa, choosing the darker chocolate variety with less sugar and preferably very few of other ingredients.

Second you can substitute the ingredients in the recipe with weight loss friendly alternatives. For example, use healthy sugar substitutes instead of sugar, decrease the overall sugar content, add cinnamon and vanilla for additional benefits, add milk instead of cream, etc.

So if you are a chocolate lover and at the same time trying to lose weight, use homemade chocolate recipes, substitute the ingredients and enjoy delicious chocolate desserts while losing weight at the same time!

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