Mindfulness and Weight Loss

Mindfulness and Weight Loss – Mindfulness is being fully present, being aware of every moment of your life. We walk through our lives in a gaze. We make choices based on our previous experience, our habits so we don’t have to think.

Everything is put on autopilot. Our eating habits, exercising habits and everything else we do throughout the day are just wired in our brain. In order to change our habits we need to be conscious of them and then try to do things differently. For example, I am looking for something to eat when my writing doesn’t move forward or I am tired and stressed out. Sometimes I don’t even notice how I go to refrigerator and open in search for food – it’s all automatic.

You might have a habit to eat while watching TV. Some people can eat a whole bag of chips in front of the TV while watching one hour TV series that usually happens after 7 pm – time when you normally have to stop eating to ensure the proper digestion. This is also a habit; something that we do without even being aware of it.

Mindfulness is the first step of the weight loss process. Without being aware what we do and how we do it we can’t make a decision to change it.

It is not easy to be fully present at any moment; it is just a matter of habit. Start doing the mundane task in the fully present state.

For example, while you wash dishes, pay attention to all the sensations and sounds; do not allow any other thoughts to interfere with what you are presently doing – do not think about past or future.

Next step is to bring the full awareness to the eating process. Feel the taste in your mouth, pay attention to the smells, enjoy your food completely. This will help you to eat less and really enjoy what you eat. Now try to retain the awareness throughout to day to catch the unhealthy habits that contribute to weight gain and subsequently replace them with healthy ones.

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