Super Green Foods and Health Benefits 2021

Super green foods are a great way to supplement your diet with especially nutritious foods. In terms of health benefits per quantity eaten, it is hard to find many foods that are better than these.

What Are The Health Benefits of Super Green Foods?

The term “super foods” is used to denote specific green foods that help and are known to have powerfully beneficial properties. For many decades, parents have advised their children to “eat their greens”. Since the conception of this term, scientists have discovered that green foods really are rich in many beneficial chemicals such as chlorophyll, flavonols and specific enzymes.

Super Green Tea Diet

Super green tea diet basically from Green Tea contains a number of flavonols, particularly catechins. These are said to have a great number of health benefits, particular on cardiovascular health. Catechins are said to reduce arterial deposits and reduce the risk of cancer, stroke and diabetes. They also possess antibiotic properties.

Barley Grass

Grasses generally are known to have many beneficial health properties. Barley grass is abundant in chlorophyll, amino acids, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. It can be bought in jars and added to foods e.g. smoothies. Many people report better circulation after taking barley grass for a sustained period. It is even claimed that it can help people with sciatica and other forms of chronic back pain.


What is Spirulina? Spirulina is a type of microscopic algae that is nutrient rich. Among other things, it contains protein, vitamins, essential fatty acids, potassium and vitamin B12. Some people also find it to be useful as part of a weight loss plan. Whilst it is not an appetite suppressant in itself, the fact that it is so nutrition-dense makes it a handy way to satisfy your appetite. There are sevaral best protein supplements which are containing this spirulina and readily available in the market today.


Chlorella is another type of algae with powerful health properties. As well as boosting the immune system and helping to fight infection, it is also known to be good for people with digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. Some even claim that it can protect the body against the ill-effects of radiotherapy for cancer treatment.


Also known as lucerne, alfalfa has been used for several thousand years as a herbal medicine. It contains many beneficial constituents including B vitamins, minerals, protein and calcium. It has been used for all manner of ailments from digestive problems to fighting addictions to preventing heart disease to helping cancer patients regain their immunity.

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