Tips for Stay Fit All Days

Tips for Stay Fit All Days – It is sometimes very difficult to fit in exercise to our busy schedules. Those who work in offices, at home, with children or at school find that fitting in an extra 30 minutes of exercise also entails a shower or time for changing clothes. Only fitness experts or personal trainers have the luxury of incorporating exercise into their WORK routine!

However, exercise helps to improve energy, health and reduce the risk of many of the health issues that affect people today. It may take some creativity and thought but it is definitely a possibility to burn more calories throughout the day or to work in a 30 minute workout even for the busiest of people.

When the objective is weight loss, burning calories can be incorporated into your daily living tasks without joining a gym. Let’s look at some of the natural tricks used by lean people.

Use periods of time during the day when you find yourself standing in one place to add additional stretching or exercises to your routine. For instance, standing by the coffee maker you can do toe lifts or calf raises. While drying your hair in the morning you can stretch out your legs or your triceps.

If you are spending more than five minutes in the car getting to work you can use that time to do sitting exercises. For instance, use the time to stretch your wrists and biceps if you’re in bumper to bumper traffic and sitting still. You can use isometric exercises to tone your buttocks by just squeezing while driving.

Women can do Kegel exercises while driving to work that helped to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Before sitting down at your desk chair, squat. In other words, bring yourself almost to the chair and then back up again without using your hands. Repeat this throughout the day for 15 or 20 that will help strengthen your quadriceps.

Take the stairs more often at work. If you don’t have the opportunity to take stairs and get up and walk around the office area at least once every hour or two to both get the blood moving, increase productivity and give your metabolism a pick me up. If your boss believes you’re not being productive then use this time to deliver messages to coworkers that you might normally have sent via e-mail.

If your chair is not on wheels you can do dips to improve the muscle tone in your triceps muscles and burn calories at the same time. Stand up against your desk during the day and do calf raises, stretch your hamstrings and quadriceps or use the time to jump in place for several minutes. When you have to use the bathroom go to the facilities on another floor and take the stairs.

When you’re home with the children take 10 minutes out to chase them around the yard or outside or play an active game with them. If you have 30 minutes to watch television and relax use it to stretch your body. You might also purchase a Swiss exercise ball and bounce while watching the news in the evening.

Are you taking your kids to soccer practice? Find another mom who can walk with you for 30 minutes while the kids are practicing. If you are already going to the grocery store to do your weekly shopping spend an extra 15 minutes and walk around the outside of the store at a brisk pace.

For most people who lead busy lives it’s easier to exercise early in the morning. This gives you a healthy boost your energy level and decreases your appetite. If you are on able to make it to the gym consider the purchase of a piece of cardiovascular equipment for the home that can be purchased new or used. Most people find that they use fitness equipment at home more often than they do go to the gym.

If you have convinced yourself that you don’t have time to work out figure out how you might be able to multitask. It is amazing what can be accomplished while walking on the treadmill. You might tape your favorite TV show and watch that while walking on the treadmill or using the elliptical trainer instead of taking time out in the evening to sit and do nothing. You can also use the time to listen to training audio recordings or even talk on the phone.

Although it is great to be able to work out four to five times a week, they don’t all have to fall Monday through Friday. Take full advantage of working out twice on Saturday and Sunday so that you can work in only one or two other workouts during the work week.

While that were considered taking a walk during your lunch hour instead of spending it gathered in a circle around an ice cream sundae. Lunch hour at work is an opportunity to increase your productivity in the afternoon by getting your blood moving and recharging your brain cells.

Consider the purchase of a pedometer to keep track of how many steps you take during the day. Aim for between 6000 and 10,000 steps a day and keep an eye on your count so they all don’t come after dinner and before the kids go to bed.

Using just a little bit of creativity you can find ways of burning a few more calories each and every day while also building more lean muscle mass. The combination of activity and muscle building helps to also burn more calories throughout the entire day and night.

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