Which Food To Lose Weight?

Which Food To Lose Weight – Is there really such a thing as food to lose weight? Can you simply eat a bunch of food and actually lose rather than gain weight? Are there even foods that will literally burn the fat off you?


Water is, strictly speaking, not a food but it is part of a regular diet and it is essential for losing weight. First of all, you need a regular, good supply of water for your digestive system and the rest of your body to operate properly. You will lose less weight if you are often dehydrated, for example.

Secondly, water itself contains zero calories. If you drink it cold then your body will actually burn calories because the cold water will absorb heat from your body and in turn your body will need to burn a little harder to regenerate the lost heat. Your body also needs to burn calories just to pass the water through you!

Thirdly, water can help to make the stomach feel full. This means that it can stop you from overeating and also keep away those urges for more food.

Negative Calorie Food

There are some foods that, like water above, are supposedly so lacking in calories that your body will burn more than they contain, simply to digest them and pass them through you.

However, there is some disagreement on whether this really happens – some people say that when you eat these foods you are therefore not eating higher calorie foods that you might have otherwise eaten.

Whatever the reason, these foods are definitely worth trying if you want to lose weight. Think of celery, lettuce and fruits like watermelon that are extremely high in water content (close to 99%).

Thermogenic Foods

There are some foods that, when compared to others, appear to have some sort of calorie burning advantage by actually causing your metabolism to rise.
Salsa is said to increase your metabolism by around 20%. The same is reported to happen with mustard and chilli sauce. It would seem logical that other hot foods have the same effect.

Protein Rich Foods

Meals that have a strong bias for protein compared to carbohydrates can raise your metabolism by up to 30%. In particular, eating fish protein such as salmon and tuna has been seen to lead to greater weight loss – this is thought to be due to the omega essential fatty acids that they contain. Turkey is also one of the best types of meat to eat as it is a huge 94% protein.

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